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Data Center Strategy Whitepaper

Provide insights and guidance on the future design of data centers to optimize TCO, and meet rising demands of evolving computing architecture and IT hardware.

Data Center Hong Kong Market Report

Learn why Hong Kong is making itself a top destination as an Asia data center hub
NTT Communications Data Center Service in Hong Kong Video

Data Center Service in Hong Kong

NTT Communications provides a holistic data center solution with unmatched service quality and best-in-class protection.

The Digital Silk Road to Success

The survey whitepaper reveals how Asian retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers are investing in disruptive technologies and the challenges they face.

The CIO’s Travel Guide to Hybrid IT

Learn more how to manage the complex reality of Hybrid IT.

Gartner Analyzes Growing SD-WAN Adoption

Discover Gartner’s key findings and recommendations when it comes to SD-WAN now!

2018 Global Threat Intelligence Report

What are the security threats facing your business today? Take a look at today’s global threats and rethink your security strategies.

Frost iQ: Asia-Pacific Data Center Service Providers, 2017

Get a copy of the latest Frost & Sullivan Report to learn analysts’ evaluation of the data center market in APAC.

2018 Risk: Value Report

Invest In Security Or Pay The Hackers? Understand the real cost of data breach, and enhance your cybersecurity awareness and preparedness.
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